Fetch Hubspot Contacts Data to Zoho CRM Leads Automatically

Send Hubspot Contacts information including Intelligence data to Zoho CRM module (Leads or Contacts) automatically. No matter how many Hubspot forms you have on your website(s), how many Lists in your Hubspot..

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I really want to thank you for the program that you built. It is saving me time, and I am sure it is saving my teachers time too. The program is also helping keep things accurate. The teachers were making mistakes with their calendars. Now I feel that we are keeping track of hours more accurately. Thank you for listening to what I needed and coming up with a solution that works. Thank you for your patience with all my questions - I know I had many along the way. You were always very kind to explain everything I needed to know.

Luciana Lage , Streetsmartbrazil.com
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