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Our Team is Client focused. We want to help you grow your business online and judge the quality of any website on the basis of its effectiveness. Professional web design while focusing on getting your website to convert visitors into new leads. See few examples of our projects below:

Search My Gift online search website
Search My Gift : The scope of the entire application is to manage interface for admin to manage user, category, product details and for the end user to search for gifts based on the defined criteria by admin. It has the web reference which pulls products from Amazon store through Amazon API. - C#. NET, ASP.NET 2010,Devexpress 9.3, Javascript, MS SQL Server 2008, JQuery

WordPress Website Design and Programming, Zoho CRM API intergration.
WordPress website design and programming, Zoho CRM API integration, Google map integration. Website: comsiteswest.com

Fetch Salesgenie data and send to Zoho CRM Leads by using PHP API
Get salesgenie.com data and send to Zoho CRM Leads automatically by using PHP custom programming API

Cruise Web enables users to find a cruise, its details and book their trip online
Cruise Web enables users to find a cruise, its details and book their trip online. It shows the most exciting itineraries and the best deals to users, so that the user is able to get the latest details . It is a responsive web application which will enable all kinds of devices to be able to access - C#. NET, Jquery,Javascript, Sql Server-2008

QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM Synchronization

Enable synching between QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM for your business to sync your contacts and quotes to keep tracking.

Major Benefits

  • Sync Contacts from Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks.
  • Sync Quotes from QuoteWerks to Zoho CRM.
  • Option for user to sync manually or automated.
  • Option for user to set automated integration time interval.
  • Supports QuoteWerks' both Access and SQL Server versions.
  • Easy first time roll out.
  • Helps to keep your business track up to date.

Keep track of your business by synching contacts and quotes with Zoho CRM and QuoteWerks

  • Track the progress of total quotes transferred from QuoteWerks to Zoho CRM.
  • Track the progress of total contacts transferred from Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks.
  • Remapping option of contacts and quotes available too.
  • Options available to turn off contacts or quotes synching.
  • Easy customization can be made on client request.
Yutechs has partnered with Cazoomi to bring you a new way to sync between QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM !
We provide a fully integrated solution for QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM. Our solution can be easily customized on your request. You'll be able to track your clients and business easily on QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM by using QW-Zoho CRM Sync App. You can download the demo version and give it a try.

If you are interested in using "QuoteWerks Zoho Sync Utility", please click this link , we will send you a demo version in next 24 hours so you can install and test it from your computer.

Auto fetch leads from Gmail account and save to Zoho CRM
Auto fetch leads from Gmail account(s) and save to Zoho CRM in every 20 minutes, Gmail API and Zoho CRM API.

Zoho Creator Stateless form - Fetch data from Zoho CRM, save as PDF

Fetch date from Zoho CRM Contacts module, user can modify the data and Save As New in Zoho Creator, can be exported as PDF, or the PDF can be saved to Zoho CRM related contact's Attachment section.

Show Zoho CRM Contacts on Google Map with Filters

1.Show Zoho CRM Contacts on Google Map
2.Use Zip Code (in USA), or Postal Code (in Canada) as first filter to show the qualified Contacts
3.Use "Radius" as second filter to show the qualified Contacts
4.Click to show the contact details which fetched from Zoho CRM contact
5.Show detail list under the Google map
6.Click any Contact Name in the detail list will open that Zoho CRM contact record
7.Click any Distance value in the detail list will move to Google map with its popup window opens
8.From below screenshot, blue icon is the destination, orange icons are the leads/contacts related to the destination.

Create Zoho CRM Account, Contact, Potential, Zoho Invoice Automatically

Once a lead is saved in Zoho CRM leads module from web contact us form, after the lead status is updated to: "Qualified", a Webhooks function will be executed and will create account, contact, potential, Zoho Invoice automatically. Invoice will be sent to the customer immediately with online paypal payment link...

Fetch Hubspot Contacts Data to Zoho CRM Leads Automatically

Send Hubspot Contacts information including Intelligence data to Zoho CRM module (Leads or Contacts) automatically. No matter how many Hubspot forms you have on your website(s), how many Lists in your Hubspot..


I really want to thank you for the program that you built. It is saving me time, and I am sure it is saving my teachers time too. The program is also helping keep things accurate. The teachers were making mistakes with their calendars. Now I feel that we are keeping track of hours more accurately. Thank you for listening to what I needed and coming up with a solution that works. Thank you for your patience with all my questions - I know I had many along the way. You were always very kind to explain everything I needed to know.

Luciana Lage , Streetsmartbrazil.com
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