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Our Team is Client focused. We want to help you grow your business online and judge the quality of any website on the basis of its effectiveness. Professional web design while focusing on getting your website to convert visitors into new leads. See few examples of our projects below:

Save Etsy, BigCommerce Orders to Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice Automatically

Etsy and Bigcommerce provide rich API functions so allow us to fetch the orders from these accounts and save to Zoho CRM Accounts / Contacts / Potentials / Quotes / Sales Order, and also save to Zoho Invoices.

Zoho CRM - Quick Sales Order Creation Form

To create more than 20 Sales Order from Zoho CRM can be time consuming especially if there are 1000s of products need to be picked from Products module, and also if there a lots of customers, products need to be related to a single Sales Order (or Quote), usually it takes about 10 minutes for each Sales Order. We designed a smart and quick Sales Order Creation form, can speed up the process dramatically. we use "Autocomplete" feature in "Account Name", and "Product" text-box, so can show the related results in a drop-down as user typing...

Zoho CRM Setup for a Real Estate Office

Zoho CRM Setup.
Import Leads from Excel Sheet and Outlook Contacts.
Zoho CRM Modules modifications and customization.
Zoho CRM Workflow Rules, Auto Reponses Rule, Time Based Actions for assigning tasks to Sales Rep, Time Based Actions for Email Drip Campaign.
Zoho Mail Add-on.
Zoho CRM user grouping and permission settings.

Show Zoho CRM Contacts / Leads Information on Google Maps

Fetch Zoho CRM contacts information and show them on a google map by using Zoho CRM API, Google Maps API, and PHP Programming.Main features:
1. Click and show the contact detail information in Zoho CRM accounts module.
2. Click and show the contact detail information in a pop up window.
3. Get direction from Point A -> B including Public Transportation information.
4. Show different color for different underground railway lines.
5. And much more.

Customize Zoho CRM Quote, Invoice, Sales Order Template Samples
We can create any type of the Zoho CRM Quote, Invoice, and Sales Order Template as customers need. Usually customers give us the template in an Excel sheet, then we make it as their default Quote, Invoice, or Sales Order template in Zoho CRM

Fetch Zoho CRM data using PHP API and generates MS Word documents

An independent provider of student accommodation and English language tuition based in London, they need fetch necessary data from Zoho CRM modules and created all different types of Word documents in their WordPress website admin section, so can save the documents in local pc..., php, zoho crm api are used. The main reason to use this way is: Zoho CRM mail merge can't get data across modules, by using PHP API, you can get all the necessary data from different modules if they are logically related.

Consulting and Implementing Zoho CRM for a Fast Growing Company in USA

Consulting and implementing Zoho CRM for a fast growing company in USA, the company orders come from Costco, Home Depot, Online Shopping, Phone Calls, Emails, Walk-in... Zoho CRM becomes the best tool for managing all sorts of data for the business; all the CRM modules have been used: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Potentials, Campaigns, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Reports, Events, Tasks, Emails, User Roles and Permissions, Data Sharing, Workflow rules...

Consulting and Implementing Zoho CRM for a Leading USA Education Systems Provider

Consulting and implementing Zoho CRM for a leading USA education systems provider, most important parts in this projects are: setup complex workflow rules for assigning Leads to 10 Sales Reps based on locations and product types; build tight relationships between Campaigns and Leads/Accounts/Contacts modules; generate various reports and dashboards for tracking the business and sales reps' performance...

Integrating Zoho CRM with a Data Driven Website.
Integrating Zoho CRM with a data-driven website which helps people to get in touch with the world's most experienced and professional experts in any industry, the website membership functions allow Experts and Buyers to register as members, all the data will be saved in Zoho CRM from the website by using PHP and Zoho CRM API functions, all the Zoho CRM modules have been used: Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Reports, Events, Tasks, Workflow Rules..., and also synchronize Zoho CRM leads with Constant Contacts for email marketing purpose.

Use ZOHO CRM API to get, edit, add, and delete ZOHO CRM Lead records

Using C#, Zoho CRM API from your website to add / modify / delete zoho crm leads data from your web page. You can do the real testing from here:
Communicate with Your Zoho CRM from Asp.net page


The architecture of the site enables CSW to introduce to the wireless industry in real time new sites and opportunities through a customized site database and content management system. A special 'Thank You', goes out to James Tang of Yutechs and his designer Nora Manapova. Their professionalism, technical know-how and attention to design made our vision a reality and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Charlie Feick Director, Sales & Marketing, Comsiteswest.com
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